A Warm Welcome

Welcome to Crescent Moon Yoga and Healing Center. We are a small community studio located in North East Scottsdale and have been in the same location since 1995. We keep our yoga room at an appropriate temperature and do not practice “hot” yoga. Our belief is that we create our own “Agni” (fire or heat) naturally through our breath and postures to eliminate “Ama” or toxins so that we don’t deplete important minerals as our body tries to maintain its natural core temperature. We take pride in speaking to our students first to determine which class is most appropriate for them and or suggesting a private to communicate about contraindications and benefits for their particular needs as the practice is different for each individual. We cater to special populations such as baby boomers, seniors, and other types where we offer posture modifications and gentle yoga in a safe environment.


There are no events at this time.


Sunday classes are now on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


Some of Our Offerings